Climate Zones 1-3 and 4, Dual Pane Clear, Tinted or Low E
Individuals purchasing qualifying Madico window films placed
into service from January 1, 2009 — December 31, 2010 may
be eligible for a tax credit under Section 25C of the Internal
Revenue Code based on the Emergency Economic Stabilization
Act of 2009.

The IRS allows homeowners to take a tax credit of
30% of the
cost of solar control window film installed in their primary
residence, with a life time maximum credit of
$1500 per
The tax credit is a direct dollar for dollar credit,
or reduction, in the amount of taxes you must pay, not just
a tax deduction from income. Only the cost of the film itself, and
not the installation cost, qualifies for the credit. In order to
qualify for the credit, the window film must be installed in
calendar year 2009 and must be certified by Madico to be an
Eligible Building Component Envelope in your geographic area.

To take advantage of the tax credit, you must do the following:

Make sure the film you have installed qualifies for the credit.
Qualifying products vary by the geographical climate zone in
which you live.
Federal Tax Credits for Energy Efficiency
1. Determine your climate zone
2. Download the certification for your product by clicking the appropriate link:
To receive the tax credit, consumers are required to submit IRS Form 5695 with their
2009 Income Tax Return. Retain your original film invoice illustrating the cost of the
window film only and a copy of the product’s certification from Madico for your climate
zone. They do not need to be submitted with your taxes, but should be kept for your

Consumers should use the
2009 version IRS Form 5695 when submitting their taxes.
This form will be available from the IRS in late 2009. The window film credits fall
under “insulation” in the Federal Tax Credits for Energy Efficiency program. For more
information visit the
Energy Star web page for Federal Tax Credits for Energy Efficiency.
Phoenix / Tucson Areas
SB221, SB341, SRS220, RS440, TSG335, NG20
All Areas
Dual Reflective Film Bronze 20 and Silver 20
All Climate Zones 1-8Dual Pane Low E Clear or Tinted Glass Argon Filled
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1. Solar Guard has a certification that includes aluminum frames if the glass is single/tinted or
dual pane/tinted. However, with Madico and Sun Tek, only windows with wood or vinyl frames qualify.
Windows with metal frames do not qualify.
3. Window films qualify as insulation on IECC 2009 code.
4. Qualifications are based on IECC 2009 & amendments.
Phoenix / Tucson Areas
Solar Bronze 20 and Silver 20
Climate Zones 1-3 and 4, Dual Pane Clear, Tinted or Low E